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Andrew Card: “Preserve, protect and defend”

The video conference with Andrew Card, the former chief of staff for George W. Bush, was an experience that doesn’t come too often.  It isn’t common for people to be a part of a video conference with someone that used to be high up in The White House, so this should be treasured for a […]

Tech blog item #12: Best blogs for journalism students

Here is a list of the top blogs to use for journalism students, according to Bachelor’s Degree Online.  The list comes right from the website.  The blogs are from other students at various institutions, the media, photojournalism and investigative journalism. Students The Spectrum: This blog from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Urban Journalism Workshop […]

Tech blog item #11: Sad times for Kings fans

The 2010-2011 NBA regular season has finally come to a close.  This is a happy time for those playoff teams of course, this group including the especially happy New York Knicks (Finally!).  However, one team is saying goodbye to their home city, as the Sacramento Kings could have played their final game in California’s capital. […]

Tech blog item #10: B.J. Koubaroulis

In class this past Thursday, guest speaker BJ Koubaroulis had plenty of great things to say.  There were a lot of valid points he made, as it is tough to know when to start.  Koubaroulis is a correspondent with The Washington Post and the Play-by-Play Voice of High School and College Sports for Verizon FiOS1 Sports. He […]

Tech blog item #9: The New York Times’ Porous Paywall

According to Mark Potts’ “Recovering Journalist,” there’s a rule today that every media-business blogger has to weigh in on the New York Times’ finally announced online subscription plan.  In this blog article, Potts goes over this plan, and looks at an analysis done by Felix Salmon. The New York Times introduced this plan on Thursday.  The […]

Briggs chapter 9: Date-driven journalism and digitizing your life

In this chapter, Briggs discusses how information in our lives is going to keep growing as time goes on.  So, it’s time to digitalize your life.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, in short, it has something to do with keeping all of your information in order and making sure you are constantly updated with […]

Briggs chapter 8: Telling stories with video

In this chapter, Briggs discusses everything there is to know about visual journalism. This type of journalism is all about telling compelling stories that connect an audience with subjects, people and issues.  As wide of a range this subject may cover, video journalism is very easy to learn. Chapter 8 is all about the following […]

Tech blog item #8: Repainting the Deck Chairs on the Titanic

“Circulation is down. Ad revenue is down. Staffers are facing week-long furloughs, yet again. There are whispers that USA Today is in trouble. The classifieds business is pretty much gone. Newspapers are dying. The broadcast business isn’t much better. Even the company-backed Newseum is a disaster.” That quote was taken from Mark Potts’ latest blog post and I think that […]

Tech blog item #7: My New Front Page–And Tina Brown’s

According to Mark Potts, he has been noticing something about his news consumption over the past few months.  While he rarely has looked at newspapers the past few years, and rarely looks at newspaper Web site home pages and consumes a huge amount of news via RSS feeds and Twitter, one site has emerged as […]

Tech blog item #6: Smart stuff

The period of September through December was a dry one for Mark Potts.  There were no blog posts on his “Recovering Journalist” blog because he was just plain tired of “repeating himself over and over again.”  He must have a point because sometimes, you just run out of things to talk about. However, his main […]