Tech blog item #12: Best blogs for journalism students

Here is a list of the top blogs to use for journalism students, according to Bachelor’s Degree Online.  The list comes right from the website.  The blogs are from other students at various institutions, the media, photojournalism and investigative journalism.


  1. The Spectrum: This blog from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Urban Journalism Workshop shares views from urban teems.
  2. Journo Student: Thoughts and Exploits: Find a discussion of magazines and more in this journalism student’s blog.
  3. Online Journalism Lab: This blog is written by students at Whitworth University studying the changing world of online journalism.
  4. Innovation in College Media: Read this blog for a group discussion on the future of social media.
  5. Online Journalism Review: Read this blog, the work of OJR readers and journalism students from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism.
  6. Jschool Student Blog: This blog is maintained by journalism students at Jschool: Journalism Education & Training, Australia.


  1. Multimedia Evangelist: In this blog, you’ll learn about changes in photography and photojournalism today.
  2. Multimedia and Video Journalism: Find out what Robb Montgomery has to say about video journalism and multimedia.
  3. Multimedia Shooter: Multimedia Shooter keeps track of important news for photojournalists so you don’t have to.
  4. VideoJournalism: Cyndy Green’s blog asks you to think visually.
  5. Photojournalism From a Student’s Eye: Learn about photojournalism by reading the blog of this photojournalism student.

Investigative Journalism

  1. The Centre for Investigative Journalism News Blog: Get the latest in investigative journalism from this blog.
  2. Depth Reporting: Mark Schaver writes about computer-assisted and investigative reporting on Depth Reporting.
  3. The Scoop: In The Scoop, you’ll learn about investigative and computer-assisted reporting from Derek Willis.
  4. Help Me Investigate: Follow this blog to learn more about investigative journalism.

To find out more blogs for journalism students including blogs from journalists, the new media, educators, the news and more, visit the Bachelor’s Degree Online website.


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