Tech blog item #10: B.J. Koubaroulis

In class this past Thursday, guest speaker BJ Koubaroulis had plenty of great things to say.  There were a lot of valid points he made, as it is tough to know when to start.  Koubaroulis is a correspondent with The Washington Post and the Play-by-Play Voice of High School and College Sports for Verizon FiOS1 Sports. He is the host and producer of “Verbally Committed” – a CBS radio show on Washington D.C.’s 106.7 The Fan and a featured blogger with Sports Illustrated.

The first thing he pointed out was that if you want to be successful, you must start out at the very bottom and work your way up.  In this process of working your way up, you learn a lot of things and ideas that will help you in the long run.  Small experiences help teach you what you need to know and learn these things.

To be able to compete in the field of media, you must take on an extra skill, such as video.  The more you know, the easier things will be.  You should also invest in yourself, as you are your best ally.

Koubaroulis really stretched the need to get involved in more than one interest.  Once getting involved in the media, you need to know most, if not all of the pieces that go with it.

A big message Koubaroulis ended his discussion with was this: Love media, but do not rely on it.  What I took from it was to respect all of the qualities it has, but do not trust it.  So do your own thing, and do what you have to do in media to be successful here.


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