Tech blog item #7: My New Front Page–And Tina Brown’s

According to Mark Potts, he has been noticing something about his news consumption over the past few months.  While he rarely has looked at newspapers the past few years, and rarely looks at newspaper Web site home pages and consumes a huge amount of news via RSS feeds and Twitter, one site has emerged as his go-to “front page” for news.  That is, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog.

Apparently Sullivan’s blog has been drawing interest from many people.  In fact, it has been the biggest traffic draw on The Atlantic’s Web site, accounting for fully a quarter of its traffic.  That has to say something!  Also, journalist Tina Brown has now taken Sullivan to be an anchor for her “every-more-interesting” Daily Beast/Newsweek hybrid.

According to Potts, Sullivan’s blog is very well put together, includes an old-school front page, and has an engaging smorgasbord of news, with commentary, that provides readers with a guide to a wide range of topics.  What more can you ask for here?

Could it be possible that people could completely ditch their newspapers for blogs like Andrew Sullivans?  If people want to see their news in a new and different way, why not start here?


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