Chapter 5: Going mobile

Now, when I first hear of the words, “going mobile” the first thing that comes to mind is the classic song by The Who. Believe it or not, there are parallels between the song and Chapter 5 of Briggs.  The song is all about moving and to keep moving at a rapid pace so you don’t miss out on anything that you wouldn’t want to miss.

According to John Markoff of The New York Times, “the cellphone is the world’s most ubiquitous computer.” Since cellphones carry a lot of information and are always there for us, they change how we live and change how we think about information.

Like the songs tells us, something can happen at any given time so we do not want to miss out. This is exactly what cellphones to for us.  For example, when soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his sports car into a tunnel in Manchester, England in 2009, the first footage was caught on someone’s camera phone and not on a TV camera.  Those photos were later used for the front page of the newspaper.

The Ronaldo story is just one of the many stories about how cellphones are so convenient and help us not miss out on something important.  Another example is if a bunch of friends go to a concert and you can’t make it.  If they all got their phones ready, they can send you pictures and videos of the concert and show what you are missing out on there.

This chapter is all going above and beyond with your cellphone, and to make sure you know it is more than “just a phone.”  Make use of the applications, information, features and new technology that cellphone can provide.  If it’s on your phone, why not use it?


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