Chapter 2: Advanced blogging

Chapter 2 of “Journalism Next” is all about the elements of blogging and what it means to have a blog.  The first thing Briggs states is that every college journalist should have a blog.  That’s a given, clearly because I am blogging right now.  Another point is that every journalist who is trying to get a job automatically should have a blog.

While many people don’t really know what blogs are all about, it’s good to know why they serve an importance.  Briggs first states how blogs changed Web publishing.  After September 11, 2001, blogs became an effective way for people to share their thoughts and feelings and give their opinions on what was happening to the country.

Since then, blogging has gained a lot of momentum ranging from the war in Iraq, to the election of 2004 to the election of 2008 and so on.

Briggs goes on to talk about blog basics, including terms such as post, permalink, trackback and blogroll, which are necessary to know when becoming a true “blogger.”  The bottom line that Briggs makes is that, “if you can find the fire to blog, you will reap the rewards.”

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